Verisimilitude in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Verisimilitude

the appearance or semblance of truth

Examples of Verisimilitude in a sentence

When the man’s wife lied on the stand, she destroyed any chance the jury would believe she was capable of giving them even an ounce of verisimilitude. 🔊

Even though Jeremy was telling a lie, he still managed to present his story with verisimilitude. 🔊

To make sales, Paul always goes out of his way to present verisimilitude to his customers to make them feel comfortable with him. 🔊

Although the movie does have some verisimilitude, it does not accurately portray what really happened to the lost hikers. 🔊

Even though the tabloid’s editor insists all of the magazine’s stories are carefully researched, there is no verisimilitude in any of the articles. 🔊

Because he wanted to impress the wealthy couple, the con man hired a fake appraiser to give verisimilitude to his cheap jewels. 🔊

The lawyer called several witnesses to give verisimilitude to his client’s claim of innocence. 🔊

The director used real soldiers in the film to give the movie artistic verisimilitude. 🔊

Although the book is supposed to be the author’s autobiography, it lacks verisimilitude and comes across as fake. 🔊

Because the suspect’s story lacked verisimilitude, the judge refused to listen to the lawyer’s motion for dismissal. 🔊

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