Telltale in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Telltale

something that is a blatant indicator of the state of something

Examples of Telltale in a sentence

The rotted wood of the walls was a telltale sign of the building’s old age, and would need to be repaired if I wanted it to look new again.  🔊

If you want to make sure someone is not lying to you, you should look for telltale signs of nervousness such as fidgeting and averted eyes.  🔊

Her nasty tone was a telltale sign of her irritation, even though she didn’t say anything particularly mean.  🔊

Your facial expression is often a telltale factor that lets others know how you are feeling even if you do not say anything at all to them.  🔊

Your grades in school are viewed as a telltale indicator of your overall knowledge, even though it is not always an accurate indicator of your potential.  🔊

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