Temerarious in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Temerarious

reckless, rash, or dangerously bold

Examples of Temerarious in a sentence

The temerarious young man decided to ride a bull for fun, something that wasn’t very smart on his part. 🔊

Temerarious individuals don’t usually think through dangerous situations, instead jumping right into the thick of it without a plan. 🔊

If you are temerarious you may engage in risky activities more than others, such as skydiving or even just jaywalking on the road. 🔊

The adventurers that live through dangerous quests are the ones that aren’t temerarious and know how to handle every situation carefully and with a lot of thought.  🔊

My temerarious brother thought it would be cool to stand on the roof of our house, but his reckless behavior resulted in a broken leg when he fell.  🔊

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