Imperil in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Imperil

to be in danger of something or someone

Examples of Imperil in a sentence

Although most people do see the threat, littering in the ocean can imperil many different marine life like dolphins due to their ingestion of plastic litter.  🔊

The quick-spreading wildfires imperil the citizens of Gatlinburg since they are trapped by the fire in their homes.  🔊

Guns that are kept in an unlocked container imperil the family if guns get into the hands of toddlers.  🔊

Having a few hot-tempered hostages only seemed to further imperil the already drastic robbery situation with the gun-wielding captors.  🔊

Even though roller coasters seem safe, they can imperil the lives of the riders as well as those on the ground due to frequent mechanical failures and poor inspections.  🔊

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