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Because Dad had come home in one of his incendiary moods, we kids hid in our rooms to avoid causing him to blow up.  🔊

Following the attack, the survivors were rushed to the base hospital with severe burns from the incendiary weapons.  🔊

If the reporter didn’t mean to cause such an uproar among the public, he shouldn’t have written such an incendiary article about the city leaders.  🔊

Although the investigation indicated the arsonist must have used some kind of incendiary device to start the fire, the police could find no traces of it.  🔊

The principal’s announcement of a new dress code that didn’t allow open-toed shoes was met with an incendiary response from both students and teachers.  🔊

The term flame bait was coined to describe the type of incendiary comments on Internet forums that are intended to provoke fiery responses.  🔊

When someone brought up the existence of Satan during the discussion, an incendiary argument erupted during which there were heated exchanges on both sides of the issue.  🔊

At the end of the movie Easy A, Emma Stone’s character gave an incendiary performance to ignite the curiosity of the students so that they would watch her podcast.  🔊

As a highly strategic politician, he is known to pepper his speeches with incendiary language to arouse his listeners’ emotions.  🔊

One wartime strategy is the use of planes to drop leaflets with incendiary propaganda.  🔊

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