Tidiness in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tidiness

the act of being neat or something that is neat

Examples of Tidiness in a sentence

After noticing the tidiness of the children’s playroom, the family realized that their maid had worked today. 🔊

“Tidiness is important,” the mother coached her daughter, “since this is the 1950s and men expect to come home to a clean house.” 🔊

While in boot camp, tidiness is imperative in the military which makes it difficult for 18-year old who are not used to cleaning up after themselves. 🔊

After seeing the tidiness of the new employee’s desk next to their cluttered desks, the other workers felt intimidated. 🔊

“Looking at the tidiness of this dorm room,” the college official told the prospective students on the college tour, “it is obvious that a neat freak lives here.” 🔊

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