Tocsin in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tocsin

an alarm

Examples of Tocsin in a sentence

Pulling the fire alarm at school will set off an ear grating tocsin that lets everyone know that they are supposed to vacate the building as quickly as possible.  🔊

Because they cannot afford to get stuck in traffic, emergency vehicles have a tocsin on them to warn other drivers to move out of their way on the road.  🔊

I was awoken by the shrieking wail of a tocsin, telling me that the base was under attack by the enemy!  🔊

My alarm clock wakes me up every day at six in the morning with a noisy and irritating tocsin that gets on my nerves quite quickly.  🔊

A tocsin doesn’t do very much good as an alarm if it is not loud enough to get everyone’s attention.  🔊

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