Tongue-in-cheek in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tongue-in-cheek

meant as amusing and not in a serious manner

Examples of Tongue-in-cheek in a sentence

After waiting in line for over an hour, I did not appreciate the clerk’s tongue-in-cheek comment about annoying customers.  🔊

The speaker’s tongue-in-cheek description of college life had the students laughing hysterically.  🔊

During the comedy roast, several comics made tongue-in-cheek remarks about the celebrated actor.  🔊

The author’s tongue-in-cheek writing style always makes me laugh after a trying day.  🔊

Because Larry was drunk, he responded to the police officer’s questions with tongue-in-cheek answers.  🔊

Mrs. Brown has a tongue-in-cheek teaching approach that can make even the most boring subject seem fun.  🔊

When comedy writers pen stories about real people, they hope their work is viewed as tongue-in-cheek and not as fact.  🔊

Danielle’s tongue-in-cheek humor was only amusing to her.  🔊

Ever since Rick was criticized for his tongue-in-cheek humor at work, he has stopped telling jokes during office hours.  🔊

Telling someone to go jump off a bridge is a tongue-in-cheek suggestion.  🔊

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