Torrent in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Torrent

a huge and heavy cascade of water or other material

Examples of Torrent in a sentence

1. With the torrent of rain, I grabbed my umbrella to go outside but really just wanted to remain inside. 🔉

2. Thunder coupled with the torrent of rain led to my dog becoming fearful of going outside to use the bathroom. 🔉

3. The torrent of fire devoured the house in a matter of minutes so all that was left was the charred remains of the house. 🔉

4. Paramedics tried to stop the torrent of blood squirting out of the victim, but it seemed hopeless. 🔉

5. When the fire alarm went off, a torrent of water sprayed down from the indoor sprinklers located on the ceiling. 🔉

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