Totter in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Totter

to move with an unsteady or unsure gait or walk

Examples of Totter in a sentence

Disoriented, I had no choice but to totter towards the edge of the skating rink to grab a hold of the wall before I fell again. 🔊

Getting hit on the head by an apple, Isaac Newton would totter all the way back to his home, unable to walk in a straight line at all. 🔊

If you are drunk, you will probably totter to and fro as you walk, because you are too unsteady on your feet to move properly. 🔊

I was dizzy after spinning around in my swivel chair so much, and when it was time to get up I could only totter towards the door in an unsteady waltz. 🔊

If you feel unsteady you may not be able to walk straight, and you will totter back and forth when you walk instead. 🔊

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