Tourniquet in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tourniquet

a medical apparatus that is tied around a limb to cut off the blood flow

Examples of Tourniquet in a sentence

When the soldier’s leg was ripped off, a medic had to apply a tourniquet around the top part of his thigh so he would not bleed to death.  🔊

Since a tourniquet was used during the medical procedure, the young man’s life was spared but not his leg.  🔊

To apply a tourniquet, get a long piece of cloth and tightly tie it right above the bleeding area.  🔊

A tourniquet can save a life by quickly halting the bleeding, but most likely the arm or leg will not be saved.  🔊

Following the attack, a paramedic applied a tourniquet around the victim’s profusely bleeding arm knowing the surgeon would amputate it later.  🔊

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