Tranquil in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Tranquil

relaxed; peaceful

Examples of Tranquil in a sentence

1. Since we were the only ones on the beach, we enjoyed a tranquil day. 🔉

2. The doctor says I need to be in a tranquil place so I can relax. 🔉

3. Surrounded by a beautiful waterfall and exotic flowers, how could Hiram feel anything but tranquil on his vacation? 🔉

4. The yoga instructor will show us the best way to reach a tranquil state. 🔉

5. If Jim does not take his anti-anxiety medicine, he has a hard time staying in a tranquil mood. 🔉

6. There are some librarians who do not allow mobile phone use because they want to keep their libraries quiet and tranquil.  🔉

7. When my little baby is sleeping peacefully, he wears a tranquil expression on his face.  🔉

8. While some people hate being around their families, I am never more tranquil than when I am surrounded by those I love. 🔉

9. In the emergency room, the doctor gave the agitated man a sedative to help him become tranquil. 🔉

10. As soon as I saw the cozy cottage in the woods, I knew I had chosen a tranquil vacation getaway. 🔉

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