Quiescent in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Quiescent

not active; quiet

Examples of Quiescent in a sentence

For once, our hyperactive Great Dane is quiescent and resting on the rug.  🔊

Now that school has started back, my neighborhood is pretty quiescent during the day.  🔊

While the bees are quiescent early in the morning and in the evening, they are overactive in the middle of the day.  🔊

During the quiescent phase of the lab, we simply observe and note the growth of the cells.  🔊

Ever since the police department hired ten new officers, crime has been rather quiescent in our town.  🔊

Because Jane has been quiescent while recovering from her surgery, she has put on a few pounds.  🔊

After the mediation between the two warring countries, the region became quiescent.  🔊

You have no reason to be concerned about the quiescent volcano.  🔊

As long as the protest remains quiescent, the police will not be called.  🔊

The medication helps my hyper son remain quiescent.  🔊

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