Congested in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Congested

crowded and blocked

Examples of Congested in a sentence

1. Moving through the congested city, the cars honked their horns loudly as pedestrians darted across the roadway. 🔉

2. Congested from an infection, the woman’s infected lungs caused her to be admitted to the hospital. 🔉

3. Even though the road was congested due to the parade, the taxi driver was able to transport us to our destination in record time.  🔉

4. Listening to his raspy breathing, the physician ordered an x-ray to determine if his congested chest was symptomatic of a more serious problem. 🔉

5. Because their storage room was already congested with memorabilia, the sports fanatic’s wife pleaded with him to stop collecting new items. 🔉

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