Tranquilize in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tranquilize

the act of drugging or incapacitating in order to calm

Examples of Tranquilize in a sentence

The doctors were forced to tranquilize the hysterical woman before she her herself.  🔊

The surgeon used a mild sedative to tranquilize the anxious patient prior to surgery.  🔊

When the agitated bear lunged at campers, the park ranger had no choice but to tranquilize it.  🔊

He hoped he wouldn't have to tranquilize the anguished woman, but after she refused to calm down he knew he had no choice.  🔊

After being locked in his cage for a few days the dog was extremely distraught and the vet needed to tranquilize him to stabilize his breathing.  🔊

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