Trowel in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Trowel

to apply or spread something across a flat surface

Examples of Trowel in a sentence

I used a butter knife to trowel peanut butter across the slice of bread that I need for my sandwich.  🔊

In order to make a brick wall, you must trowel mortar across one brick and then place another brick on top of it.  🔊

When we apply lotion to our skin, we have to trowel it across it all to make sure we get every inch.  🔊

The best tool to trowel butter on bread with is a butter knife, since it can spread things out much more easily.  🔊

There is actually a tool called a trowel that is used to trowel mortar across bricks when buildings are being constructed.  🔊

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