Tray in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tray

a shallow and flat container with a rim typically used for carrying food

Examples of Tray in a sentence

Most school cafeteria’s hand out a tray for you to put your food on, though it is sometimes questionable if they are clean or not. 🔊

At a fast food restaurant, your food is often brought to you on a tray, since it is easier for the waiter to carry it all with that at their disposal. 🔊

There is often a retractable tray on the back of each seat in an airplane, so you can pull it down and put food and drink on it. 🔊

The aluminum tray is easy to carry, but it isn’t exactly strong, so it might break if I put too much food on it. 🔊

I picked up a tray to carry all of my food on since I could not carry it all in just my hands, but I still had to be careful and balance it. 🔊

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