Umbrage in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Umbrage

to take offense; to find offensive

Examples of Umbrage in a sentence

1. Don't take umbrage to my biblical views! 🔉

2. Taking umbrage to a blonde joke, Jenna stormed out of the room. 🔉

3. Please help students rather than giving them umbrage for not knowing the answer. 🔉

4. I take umbrage to insults. 🔉

5. If my freedom of speech was taken away, I'd take umbrage to that. 🔉

6. Stop finding umbrage with other people who think differently than you. 🔉

7. Principal Buckwald resigned following a senior prank, clearly taking umbrage to the pranksters.  🔉

8. You are racist for taking umbrage against people of color! 🔉

9. The coach gave umbrage to his team for not winning a single game. 🔉

10. I will take umbrage against a low-ball offer. 🔉

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