Malevolent in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Malevolent

wishing harm to others; malicious

Examples of Malevolent in a sentence

How malevolent of you to wish that I was dead! 🔊

Because of their malevolent purposes, hand grenades are not allowed on commercial flights. 🔊

With a malevolent look on the man's face, Leah knew she was in danger. 🔊

It takes a malevolent mother to starve her children. 🔊

Malevolent as you are to the world, I am surprised you actually have friends. 🔊

Although it was a malevolent rumor bearing no truth, the entire school still believed Taylor had a miscarriage at age 12. 🔊

How can you date a man with malevolent intentions to women? 🔊

The bully buried his malevolent nature and transitioned into a kind person. 🔊

Fortunately, his malevolent plot to bomb New York subways did not happen. 🔊

Bob's up to his malevolent ways, wishing his roommate would fall off a cliff. 🔊

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