Ventilation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ventilation

the ability of a room/place to intake fresh air

Examples of Ventilation in a sentence

Because mines are so deep within the Earth, they have poor natural ventilation and fresh air rarely reaches far enough to clear the dust.  🔊

The old basement must have had a great ventilation system because despite being forgotten for nearly twenty years, the room smelled clean and had zero dust.  🔊

After putting out a blaze, firefighters use ventilation within building and the act of opening windows to clear the smoke and toxins from the air.  🔊

Many people pass out in hot cars not only because of the high heat but poor ventilation that doesn't allow fresh air to circulate.  🔊

Anytime you open the windows in your house to let in outside air you're increasing the ventilation in your home.  🔊

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