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Definition of Overt

open and not secret

Examples of Overt in a sentence

In some countries, racial prejudice is overt and not disguised in the least. 🔊

The film’s R rating is based on its content’s overt violence and sexual acts. 🔊

Because of Frank’s religious beliefs, he was able to forgive his attackers for their overt hatred. 🔊

It was an obvious case of overt discrimination when the newly hired Caucasian man was promoted instead of the African American worker who had been with the firm for ten years. 🔊

When the professor was caught on camera making overt sexual propositions to a student, he was immediately fired. 🔊

I cannot believe Jim has a crush on me because he has never shown any overt interest. 🔊

As soon as Beverly saw the dog’s overt aggression, she stood in front of her daughter to protect her. 🔊

The security guard easily noticed the shoplifter’s overt actions. 🔊

Since the detective is an observant fellow, he can easily notice facts that are not overt. 🔊

The spy knew if he gave an overt sign of his treachery he would be killed. 🔊

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