Vicar in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vicar

a priest of the Church of England who oversees a particular church and the area that surrounds it

Examples of Vicar in a sentence

All the churches in the area are group together and overseen by one appointed vicar.  🔊

The vicar was representative of the Church of England and stood in place of the Pope at the rural chapel.  🔊

The vicar road in on his horse, meeting his parishioners at the church he oversaw just before sundown.  🔊

Needing someone to run all of the churches in the territory, the Bishop searched for a vicar to assign to the area.  🔊

The vicar was not liked by most of those who attended his church because he seemed to care more about bringing in money for the Church of England than he did about saving souls.  🔊

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