Wrath in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Wrath

intense anger

Examples of Wrath in a sentence

In mythology mortals generally feared the wrath of the powerful gods. 🔊

The man earned the wrath of an entire nation when he assassinated the president. 🔊

Since the police have not arrested the crooked officers on the force, they now have to deal with the public’s wrath. 🔊

I will not testify against the gangster because I am afraid of his wrath. 🔊

When the critic wrote a harsh review of the play, he earned the wrath of the playwright’s fans. 🔊

You should save your wrath for the person who offended you instead of being angry with your friend who is giving you a caring ear. 🔊

During parent-teacher conferences, teachers often have to deal with the wrath of dissatisfied parents. 🔊

All the cheerleaders knew to agree with their captain or else they would incur her wrath. 🔊

During the vote, the senator from Georgia voted against the tax increase in order to avoid the wrath of his voters. 🔊

The dog hid under the table rather than face his owner’s wrath. 🔊

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