Xeric in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Xeric

an area or climate that gets a very low volume of water and is often extremely dry

Examples of Xeric in a sentence

The xeric environment of the desert makes it difficult for plants that require a substantial amount of water to grow.  🔊

Grandma wished she could grow beautiful, red roses or bright pink tulips in her garden, but the xeric climate of Arizona was too hot and dry for the plants to survive.  🔊

Egypt has a xeric environment where people survive in dry, warm conditions with limited water supplies.  🔊

The lost man searched the empty, xeric land for water but all he found were tumbleweeds, cacti, and rattlesnakes.  🔊

Molly was in desperate need of some lotion after spending a week in the xeric and sand-filled markets on the outskirts of Egypt.  🔊

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