Brevity in a sentence

10 example sentences for Brevity

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Brevity - Definition

»  the quality of expressing something in very few words; briefness

Use Brevity in a sentence

  • I hope the minister exercises brevity in his sermon today.

  • Because she does not understand what the word “brevity” means, my mother has never had a short phone conversation.

  • As the couple married after knowing each other only four days, the brevity of their marriage did not surprise anyone.

  • Because my sister is not known for her brevity, she is never asked to speak at formal events.

  • The president made his points with praiseworthy brevity.

  • At only two pages, the brevity of this newsletter is remarkable.

  • During the meeting, we must encourage brevity so everyone will have time to speak.

  • Because of the book’s brevity and exciting subject, even my easily bored sister will read it from start to finish.

  • While Ann’s research paper contained brilliant information, its brevity caused it to be turned down by the major medical journals.

  • Using twitter to communication is an exercise in brevity because you can only use 140 characters to express a thought.

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Brevity Synonyms

shortness, briefness, conciseness, succinctness

Brevity Antonyms

wordiness, long-windedness, verbiage, lengthiness

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