Garrulous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Garrulous

overly talkative and chatty, mostly about unimportant things

Examples of Garrulous in a sentence

Desperate for peace and quiet, Amanda told the garrulous man sitting next to her to "Shut up!" 🔊

The garrulous gentleman held up the checkout line as he rambled on to the cashier about his pet squirrel. 🔊

Mom, who is usually loud and garrulous, was surprisingly quiet as a mouse this morning. 🔊

Because Jake is garrulous, asking him to keep a secret is impossible. 🔊

How am I going to sleep sitting next to this garrulous woman on my long flight home? 🔊

My garrulous sister talked only about boys on the phone all day. 🔊

Garrulous people make great talk show hosts. 🔊

If the garrulous car salesman prattles on with his small talk, I'll buy a car elsewhere. 🔊

Though my window is closed, I can still hear my garrulous neighbors loudly gossip in the night. 🔊

While I was in labor, my best friend and I had a garrulous discussion about the uses of thumb tacks. 🔊

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