Flimflam in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Flimflam

nonsensical talk

Examples of Flimflam in a sentence

Martha’s flimflam was a bunch of nonsense that no one present could decipher, even with the use of our phones. 🔊

My little brother has a tendency to talk in his sleep, but it’s always flimflam that doesn’t make a coherent sentence. 🔊

When I get bored, I will sometimes speak flimflam just to fill the silence, and the nonsensical ravings will irritate my family. 🔊

The words of a foreigner are nothing but flimflam to someone that cannot understand what they are saying.  🔊

While babies quickly understand the importance of verbal communication, their attempts at doing so result in little more than flimflam.  🔊

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