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10 example sentences for Euphemism

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Euphemism - Definition

»  a word or expression used to talk about something unpleasant, blunt or offensive without mentioning the thing itself

Use Euphemism in a sentence

  • When I was a kid, my mother described sexual intercourse using a euphemism so I would not be shocked by her words.

  • While a euphemism may tone down your words, the meaning behind the phrase will remain the same.

  • He used a euphemism to disguise his real feelings about the incident.

  • Because people felt the title of “garbage man” was unappealing, the euphemism of “sanitation engineer” was created.

  • Referring to stolen merchandise as “having fallen off a truck” is a common euphemism used by people in urban areas.

  • The foreign students in the class were confused by the teacher’s use of a euphemism.

  • Although Jim used a euphemism to disguise his thoughts on his wife’s adultery, everyone still knew exactly what he meant.

  • In America, that euphemism means one thing, but in Spain, it means something different.

  • Sadly, the term “downsizing” has become a frequently used euphemism in the workforce.

  • The comedic screenplay included a euphemism about sex on every page.

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Euphemism Synonyms

alternative word, polite term, substitute

Euphemism Antonyms


Related Forms

euphemistic (adjective), euphemistically (adverb), euphemist (noun)

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