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Definition of Incongruous

out of place; inconsistent or incompatible

Examples of Incongruous in a sentence

How incongruous of a fat doctor telling me to lose weight!

Wearing a rain jacket in sunny weather is quite incongruous.

There's something incongruous about eating dessert before the main course.

Try mixing water and oil and you will see an incongruous blend.

I do not believe your story because the statement you gave yesterday is incongruous to a witness's statement.

Working for a christian organization as an atheist is incongruous.

The incongruous couple has absolutely nothing in common with each other.

One boy would exhibit incongruous behavior by keeping quiet at recess and screaming in the library.

Physicians have an incongruous attitude regarding the effectiveness of marijuana.

The crooked picture frame is incongruous with the other perfectly aligned picture frames.

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