Innate in a Sentence

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Innate - Definition

a quality or ability which you are born with, or which is present naturally

Use Innate in a sentence

Unlike both of her sisters who adore children, Elise does not have an innate desire to raise a family.

While I am naturally shy, my sister has the innate ability to charm everyone she meets.

Marilyn’s innate piano talent allowed her to play complicated pieces before she was six years of age.

Although some medical conditions are caused by factors outside the human body, others occur as a result of innate genetic defects

Is leadership an innate quality or can it be taught to those who aspire to greatness?

Penguins are born with the innate inclination to live together.

Because an innate behavior occurs naturally, it can not be unlearned as easily as a taught behavior.

Few people can see the innate value of cotton until is converted into a finished product like a jacket or a blanket.

Even though humans are born with a certain amount of innate immunity to diseases, they still require preventative medical care to ward off other conditions.

While some people have an innate drive to succeed, others are happy doing nothing with their lives.

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Innate synonyms

inborn, built-in, inherent, imbred, natural, instinctive, ingrained, native

Innate antonyms

acquired, learned