Innocuous in a sentence

10 example sentences for Innocuous

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Innocuous - Definition

»  not harmful or offensive

Use Innocuous in a sentence

  • Because the virus was innocuous, the hospital staff had no need to worry about the leak.

  • In the ring the wrestler appeared dangerous, but in reality, he was really innocuous.

  • Although Sarah meant her joke to be innocuous, the people around her took it to heart.

  • Since the snake’s venom is innocuous, you do not have to be concerned about the bite!

  • While you may think bullying is innocuous, it leaves a lasting scar on its victim.

  • When compared to football, tennis seems like a very innocuous sport.

  • Even though Henry looks sweet and innocent, he is really far from innocuous.

  • The scientist poured the innocuous liquid into the vial.

  • Although the berries appear innocuous, they are really poisonous.

  • The politician worked hard to make innocuous speeches that would not offend anyone.

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Innocuous Synonyms

innocent, harmless, inoffensive, safe, innoxious

Innocuous Antonyms

harmful, deadly, toxic, offensive, noxious

Related Forms

innocuously (adverb), innocuousness (noun), innocuity (noun)

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