Mendacious in a Sentence

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Definition of Mendacious

lying; not telling the truth

Use Mendacious in a sentence

  1. Chuck is mendacious about his vegetarianism by eating chicken.

  2. Instead of giving me another mendacious story, just be honest for once.

  3. Mendacious people hide the truth.

  4. My wife is mendacious for dating another man behind my back.

  5. The defendant, Ted, is a mendacious piece of work for pleading 'Not Guilty' to a crime that I know he committed.

  6. Always straightforward and honest, Rose couldn't be mendacious even if she wanted to.

  7. Please give me a promise that you can keep—not a mendacious promise.

  8. How mendacious of Joan to habitually call in sick from work when she's feeling fine!

  9. A product claiming to help you get ripped abs in a few hours is mendacious advertising.

  10. You are a mendacious, dishonest student, for bringing cheat notes to an exam once again.

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Mendacious synonyms

lying, dishonest, untrue, deceptive, insincere, deceitful,

Mendacious antonyms

honest, truthful, genuine, true, frank