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Definition of Petulant

to describe a person or behavior that is irritable, especially in a childish way

Examples of Petulant in a sentence

He was a petulant child who was aggravated by the smallest things.

When the movie started, the petulant infant would not stop crying because of the loud noise.

After being fired, Joshua behaved like a petulant toddler and threw a major tantrum.

My oldest sister is a petulant woman who complains constantly.

Because she whined about everything on the movie set, the studio head described the actress as petulant.

While I can be a bit moody, I am not petulant because I do not let small issues get to me.

Although Margaret had a valid complaint, there was no reason for her to act petulant and call the waiter names.

When Henry lost the chess match, he acted like a petulant little boy and knocked over the game board.

Because he was annoyed by the lack of service in the bar, the customer shook his head in a petulant motion.

Are you really so petulant that you will hold a grudge against someone for twenty years?

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