Menial in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Menial

relating to tasks normally performed by a servant

Examples of Menial in a sentence

1. Everyone was surprised to see the company president doing menial labor he could easily pass on to one of his employees. 🔉

2. Because Jake never graduated from high school, he is only qualified to do menial jobs. 🔉

3. Many illegal immigrants sneak into the country and get hired to do menial farm work. 🔉

4. Since the salary for menial laborers is very low, many people do not apply for the positions. 🔉

5. I do not mind doing menial kitchen work until I become a professional chef. 🔉

6. When my father first came to this country, he could only get a menial job as a ditch digger. 🔉

7. The nanny made the news when she accused her employers of holding her hostage and making her do menial labor twenty-four hours a day. 🔉

8. Although Bill has an advanced degree from Harvard, he has no problem performing menial work as a cashier to provide for his family. 🔉

9. Jill is a pampered heiress who has never done a menial chore in her life. 🔉

10. When the company got behind with its paperwork, it hired temporary workers to do menial tasks like gathering and filing papers. 🔉

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