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10 example sentences for Propriety

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Propriety - Definition

»  following what is socially acceptable in speech and conduct; correctness of behaviour

Use Propriety in a sentence

  • After Harold wore a clown suit to his cousin’s funeral, we had to question his sense of propriety.

  • To ensure all legal obligations are met, Tom must review every paragraph of the contract for propriety.

  • When I arrived at the meeting, I saw the directors were engaged in a heated debate over the treasurer's propriety to bookkeeping standards.

  • Because she is an advice columnist who wants to teach people how to behave properly, Helen places emphasis on observing propriety.

  • When looking at Amy’s flimsy attire, it is evident her propriety is nearly nonexistent.

  • Because we expected the president to have a great sense of propriety, we were all shocked when his wrongdoings became public knowledge.

  • While teachers were once thought to be pictures of propriety, today they are often viewed as mean people without morals.

  • Propriety means very little to a teenage girl whose sole purpose in life is to impress her friends.

  • As an animal who does not observe patience, a dog lacks the same sense of propriety as human beings.

  • In some cultures where traditions are highly valued, propriety still dictates that all marriages should be arranged by the parents of the bride and groom.

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Propriety Synonyms

appropriateness, manners, decency, respectability, etiquette, courtesy, morality

Propriety Antonyms

impoliteness, indecency, vulgarity, rudeness

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