Anathema in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Anathema

something or someone that one strongly dislikes; someone who is cursed or shunned

Examples of Anathema in a sentence

After the world learned of his heinous crimes, the dictator was considered an anathema.  🔊

The epidemic which killed dozens of small children was an anathema to the residents of the town.  🔊

While he presented himself as a godly man, the priest committed several unethical acts that made him an anathema to members of his congregation.  🔊

The children hate wearing uniforms to school and view the dress code as an anathema.  🔊

A huge animal lover, Marshall views any type of animal control as an anathema.  🔊

I consider my mother-in-law an anathema because she always makes snide comments to me.  🔊

Since the beginning of time, blind faith has been an anathema to science.  🔊

The amount of money celebrities spend on clothing and jewelry is anathema to most poor people.  🔊

Because my daughter hates the taste of broccoli, she considers it to be an anathema.  🔊

An atheist is viewed as an anathema by many so-called Christians.  🔊

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