Savagery in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Savagery

an exploit involving brutality and viciousness

Examples of Savagery in a sentence

Judge Watson handed the defendants the maximum sentence under Virginia law due to the savagery of the crimes.  🔊

Citizens were outraged at the savagery bestowed upon the prisoners of war which left them severely malnourished and almost dead.  🔊

With constant beatings, this child abuse case was filled with such savagery that it was obvious the child needed to be removed from the home.  🔊

Dictators in communist governments usually rule through savagery and fear by killing citizens who do not completely follow their laws.  🔊

The bully’s victim pleaded with his parents to enroll him in another school in order to end the savagery he faced every day.  🔊

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