Brutality in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Brutality

the act of causing or executing cruelty to someone or something

Examples of Brutality in a sentence

The ASPCA joined forces with the local police to stop the brutality imposed on innocent dogs run by an abusive and neglectful owner of a puppy mill.  🔊

Due to the brutality suffered by the slaves at the hands of their masters, many would take the life-threatening risks of escaping.  🔊

Citizens were angered as they viewed the brutality inflicted on the protestors from the police officers using their batons to senselessly beat the picketers.  🔊

Dr. Hemingway realized the brutality his abused patient had experienced due to the numerous bruises, lacerations and broken bones.  🔊

Being exposed to the brutality of war with so many of his friends slowly dying in battle, the soldier suffered from PTSD.  🔊

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