A Priori in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of A Priori

something that is believed to be true without actual reinforcement with facts or statistics

Examples of A Priori in a sentence

Religious people have the a priori belief that God exists without any physical proof. 🔊

The jaded woman made a priori assumptions that all men were liars, but couldn't possibly know for sure because she has not dated all men. 🔊

Christopher Columbus had the a priori belief that the Earth was flat and his men could sail right off the edge because of what he knew about latitude, but without actual experience. 🔊

People make a priori assumptions that the sun will rise and set without needing actual proof of the events. 🔊

Lawyers use a priori arguments about their defendants earlier good behavior to try and counteract their current crime, despite evidence to the contrary. 🔊

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