Cryptic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cryptic

difficult to understand

Examples of Cryptic in a sentence

Younger children will find it hard to understand the cryptic directions that go along with the chemistry set. 🔊

If Marsha expects her students to use the cryptic map to find the treasure hidden in the classroom, she will need to provide them with a few more clues. 🔊

My husband’s cryptic comment left me confused. 🔊

Although Laura had a major in archaeology, she could not understand the cryptic symbols on the cave walls. 🔊

The teacher’s scribbles on the edges of my research paper were cryptic and hard to read. 🔊

Because the clues in the crossword puzzle are cryptic, I am having a hard time coming up with the answers. 🔊

The kidnapper seemed to enjoy leaving cryptic notes for the police. 🔊

Since Ellen wore a cryptic look on her face, it was impossible to identify her mood. 🔊

Even though Jim tried very hard to solve the cryptic puzzle, he was unable to break the code. 🔊

For security purposes, the official’s plans are always written in a cryptic language. 🔊

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