Clairvoyant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Clairvoyant

able to see beyond the range of ordinary observation

Examples of Clairvoyant in a sentence

The psychic’s clairvoyant abilities allowed her to see into the future. 🔊

If I was clairvoyant, I could win the lottery very easily. 🔊

After being struck by lightning, Bill claimed to have clairvoyant gifts that allowed him to read the minds of others. 🔊

It is said that the wise man with the clairvoyant abilities can help people talk to their deceased loved ones. 🔊

Because Jacob always seemed to make the best financial investments, everyone joked about his clairvoyant mindset. 🔊

In the movie, the award-winning actress plays a con woman who pretends to be a clairvoyant capable of talking to the dead. 🔊

One does not need to be clairvoyant to realize my school’s basketball team is going to win the state championship. 🔊

Although Heather is not a clairvoyant, she is very good at predicting how others will respond to certain incidents. 🔊

The clairvoyant woman looked at the cards and saw her own death. 🔊

When Helen’s prediction did not come true, it was obvious she had no clairvoyant talents. 🔊

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