Abolish in a Sentence

Definition of Abolish

to put an end to

Use Abolish in a sentence

The Supreme Court believed it was time to abolish the outdated amendment.

The politician filibustered to abolish the unjust law.

Many historians point out that Abraham Lincoln did not abolish slavery out of compassion but rather as a political move.

His forward-thinking stance was instrumental in helping to abolish slavery.

He hoped to abolish all ties between the church and the state, making it impossible to build laws around individual moral beliefs.

There are still places around the world where they need to abolish slavery.

This new treaty would effective abolish old trade routes to establish new ones.

The dictator hoped to abolish any education that contradicted his philosophy.

In light of illegal activities, they were forced to abolish their business.

She would not allow them to abolish such a fine institution.

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