Fortify in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fortify

to strengthen

Examples of Fortify in a sentence

Storm shutters a good way to fortify your windows and prevent hurricane damage.  🔊

With the enemy approaching, they worked to fortify their defenses.  🔊

The stone wall was the first step, but they needed more to properly fortify the city.  🔊

Modern clothing often uses nylon to fortify cotton and make it tougher.  🔊

Adding vitamins to a food is a common way to fortify it and make it healthier.  🔊

It is still common practice to fortify a position if you hope to defend it from attack.  🔊

Many nutritionists actually argue that it is harmful to fortify milk with extra ingredients.  🔊

He purchased Kevlar plates to fortify his vehicle against gunfire.  🔊

To the religious, faith is a great way to fortify your spirit.  🔊

If you fortify a castle properly, you won't be affected by an attack.  🔊

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