Temperance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Temperance

moderation and restraint, though usually in reference to consumption

Examples of Temperance in a sentence

Determined to never become an alcoholic, Tim exercised temperance whenever he drank alcohol so he wouldn’t drink too much.  🔊

If you are on a diet, you must use temperance to stop yourself from eating foods you shouldn’t so that you keep your weight in check.  🔊

Someone with anger management issues probably does not have a great deal of temperance, and is more likely to snap at the people around him.  🔊

Someone that knows how to exercise temperance in their life knows how to restrain themselves even when they really want to do something.  🔊

You should use temperance when eating unhealthy foods, since a lack of restraint in that area could make you gain a lot of weight.  🔊

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