Acerbic in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Acerbic

expressing harsh or sharp criticism in a clever way

Examples of Acerbic in a sentence

1. After John heard his teacher’s acerbic comments, he was not motivated to complete his project.  🔉

2. The writer’s acerbic tone did not sit well with people who had an issue with harsh criticism. 🔉

3. While you may think your acerbic joke is funny and helpful, others may not appreciate your humor. 🔉

4. My mother-in-law tries to hide the fact she does not like me by using acerbic comments. 🔉

5. Even though many people enjoy Jim’s wit, they are not always fans of his acerbic viewpoints. 🔉

6. Mary’s attempt to be clever is often overshadowed by her acerbic nature. 🔉

7. Although I appreciate constructive criticism, I see no value in acerbic remarks. 🔉

8. Our district manager does not hesitate to make acerbic comments to employees who are not doing their jobs. 🔉

9. William tried to ignore his wife’s acerbic statements about his career path. 🔉

10. Even though I voted for the mayor, I was turned off by his acerbic speech regarding his opponents. 🔉

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