Ingrate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ingrate

an ungrateful person

Examples of Ingrate in a sentence

When you do not appreciate your gifts, you are being an ingrate. 🔊

The bride was an ingrate who did not send out thank-you notes for her wedding presents. 🔊

As soon as James unwrapped his gift, he showed he was an ingrate by giving the item to someone else. 🔊

Katy is an ingrate who refuses to acknowledge any present that costs less than five hundred dollars. 🔊

After the singer refused to accept the award, she was called an ingrate by many of her peers. 🔊

People hate to give Jim gifts because he is an ingrate who never thanks them. 🔊

After Liam won the team leader of the month award, he showed he was an ingrate by neglecting to thank his coworkers for their contributions. 🔊

My friend Janice never thanks me for paying for lunch so I view her as a bit of an ingrate. 🔊

Since April left the dinner party without thanking our hosts, she is considered to be an ingrate. 🔊

Bill is such an ingrate that he complains about every meal his wife cooks. 🔊

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