Admonishment in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Admonishment

harsh advice or statements warning someone against an action

Examples of Admonishment in a sentence

Minnie doesn’t mind honest advice, but her father’s admonishment came off as cold and uncaring. đź”Š

After listening to his grandmother’s critical admonishment, the young boy felt horrible about stealing the candy from the store. đź”Š

After receiving public admonishment for his inappropriate behavior, the player accepted the harsh publicity and issued an apology. đź”Š

The judge’s admonishment of the jury seemed a bit harsh, but his stern warning ensured that they didn’t break the rules.  đź”Š

Before taking the business owner to court, the attorney sent a letter of admonishment sharply advising him to stop his dirty practices.  đź”Š

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