Reprisal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Reprisal

an act of retaliation

Examples of Reprisal in a sentence

Outraged at failing his French class, Matt keyed the teacher’s car in reprisal.  🔊

Even in the most extreme circumstances, back and forth reprisal is generally not the best way to resolve conflict.  🔊

With rumors of reprisal coming from all his most reliable sources, the king ordered that every entrance to the castle be barricaded.  🔊

No one knows for certain, but it is widely believed that the drive-by shooting was in reprisal to some offense committed by a rival gang.  🔊

He felt secure enough in his information that he announced his opinion on the matter without fear of reprisal.  🔊

After taking such violent measures, the colonel began to regret his role in taking reprisal against the natives.  🔊

When Jeanette’s parents were told about the bullying tactics she had used in reprisal for the gossip against her, she was grounded and had to miss the winter dance.  🔊

Now that the drug cartels have toned down their acts of reprisal against each other, more people are traveling to Mexico for pleasure.  🔊

Junior high school is a place where insecurity, peer pressure, hurt feelings, and acts of reprisal plague the lives of adolescents.  🔊

The newspapers carried the story about the soldiers’ reprisal against the enemies who had attacked a village of women and children.  🔊

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