Augment in a Sentence

Definition of Augment

to increase the size or amount of something

Use Augment in a sentence

Because I want to augment my income, I am thinking about getting a second job.

We need the business loan in order to augment our warehouse so we can fulfill more orders.

Which marketing ideas do you feel will best augment your record sales?

If you augment the image too much, the people in the photo will appear blurry.

Reading regularly will augment your vocabulary skills.

Since Jane wants to augment the size of the cake, she is going to double the amount of the ingredients in the recipe.

The general has decided to augment his forces by bringing in ten thousand additional soldiers.

By investing in the stock market, Jim hopes to augment his retirement funds.

Margaret and Frank have decided to augment the size of their family by adopting a child.

In order to augment attendance at basketball games, the league is giving away free tickets each month.

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