Ague in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Ague

a fever that causes you to shake, sweat and feel cold

Examples of Ague in a sentence

Dr. Frank determined that his patient acquired ague based on the symptoms but, he realized it was not malaria because the patient had not visited tropical areas lately. 🔊

Customs agents required the tourist to undergo tests to determine if he would be bringing in ague, Ebola or West Nile virus into the country. 🔊

After a rash of emergency room visits with patients complaining of fever and shivering, the state revealed an epidemic of ague. 🔊

Carol believed her son had the flu at first, but after his symptoms persisted he was diagnosed with ague.  🔊

After being cold and then hot, the teacher became saddened from her actions when it was revealed the student became sick from ague.  🔊

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